A lifelong passion

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At the age when others were learning to play an instrument, I fell in love with pottery.

I was thirteen when I started to play with clay using the hand forming and learned the wheel through private lesson with a teacher from the Trois Soleils school in Lyon.

At seventeen, I used my pocket money, to buy myself a potter's wheel instead of buying shoes or records. My father set up a kiln for me in our countryside backyard, where I did my first flamed pottery firing that I sold during the famous pottery market in Lyon. (march de la creation).

Meeting experiences

I specialized at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. There I worked on colors, I explored art techniques and learned drawing, painting, collage and photography with my teachers and students.

techniques and learned drawing, painting, collage and photography with my teachers and students. Then, as a textile designer, I hang out with the world of fashion and decoration and offered my creations playing with colors and materials.

With potters :
Yves Gaget, my former neighbor, a potter in Isre. I admired the lines of glazed earthenware vases, salad bowls and bowls.
Brigitte Moron, who introduced me to raku, in Ardche.
After a long break, I got back on the wheel following the expert gestures of Guy Elliche and Christian Boaretto, professors at the Cour Roland.
Riz Takahashi, a japanese ceramist, pushed me towards new techniques and new shapes. He offered me another look on clay work and on its transformation into ceramics after been fired in an Anagama kiln.
Grgoire Scalabre, le premier cercle who shared with me his aesthetic approach of shapes through drawing.

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Sources of inspiration

With the world of bonsai, the esthetics of the trees highlighted in their pots. A look at the forms, with empty parts so important to enhance the beauty of the tree.
A trip to Japan, discovering Asia, bonsai nurseries, rice fields, ikebana, moss gardens... These influenced me a lot.
Simplicity, humility, the beauty of imperfect and simple and modest things, the mark of time, the "wabi sabi" spirit.
With nature and its changing colors within the seasons, looking at sea, rocks, volcanoes, trees...

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For my creations

Since 2012, I have been making unique art pieces in my workshop in Viroflay. I'm looking for simple, clean shapes , where color is expressed: containers to use everyday (cups, dishes, bowls ...) or bonsai pots and vases for the Ikebana .
Each creation has its uniqueness and its specificities: shapes of egg, tree bark, shell which transport us to the nature, in an often vegetal universe.
My work was always based on playing with colors, I associate colors of glazes made and selected in my workshop, to give a spirit to my different types of items. I love when the glaze is lost in the landscape of glazes.
I use several stoneware, white or black, but also porcelain . I make bonsai pots, pots for companion plants (shitakusa, kusamono) . I create, on demand, pots adapted to different bonsai trees. I manufacture my pots by throwing, hand forming, slabbing. I work with an electric kiln. The first firing is up to 980 C, then the second with glazes at about 1250C.
I love the contact with the clay, the play of shapes and colors with glazes or the color of raw clay. My glaze often have random effects and I try to control this randomness.
I like to share the fruit of my labor with other and to know that people use one of my bowl, plate or vase. It is a real satisfaction when they tell me that I bring a little joy into their daily life. I want my ceramics to make everyday life more beautiful.
In each one, the shapes and colors are unique, handmade and the small imperfections give an extra soul.